Architectural skills

Design is a complex process and requires skills, knowledge and judgement that might not be immediately apparent.

It necessitates the ability to develop a brief with a client; to understand contracts and to appreciate the professional responsibility owed to a wider society. The design process itself can often be confusing as we try to navigate through the many, sometimes conflicting, choices that are open to us.

Many architectural skills are very transferrable and welcomed by a wide range of employers.

Core architectural skills

For undergraduates, a range of workshops and projects will help you develop a broad set of architectural design skills.

y23bub“You learn to use CAD differently, incorporating it with hand drawing rather than just using it in place of a drawing board and T-square. With practice I began to use it as a design tool, rather than thinking of it as a presentation method.” – 2nd Year student

matbub“Technical and computer skills are crucial and can save time.” – Mature student

empbub“The student work is fantastic and some of it really spectacular. Drawings are very special showing even further evolution of presentation work and use of media….. The use of technology is also very good.” – External examiner

Learning about architecture

Fundamental to learning about architecture is learning to question – including questioning your own thoughts of what the subject is about and what knowledge you might need.

marchbub“I felt prepared to do my year in practice. We had a lot of training in third year preparing us for interviews and the world of work…. the modules on law and management were really useful.” – MArch student

matbub“Don’t think that you will be doing the course to draw all day, because that is only a small part of the job as an architect…” – Mature student

Getting to grips with the design process

Understanding and experiencing the stages of the design process can be a new experience for some students. we encourage students to recognise the value throughout this process.

intugbub“At the beginning I thought that in order to be a successful architect, you have to design a successful building. But the design process is very important and shows how your ideas have developed.” – International Undergraduate student

y23bub“You’re learning skills that are different to other subjects and it’s important to remember that.” – 3rd Year student

Working to professional standards

Working to professional standards across a number of disciplines will help to prepare you for the workplace. for example, the ability to present your ideas clearly is a skill which will be valued by any employer.

y23bub“Studio work is always tied closely with other modules, such as management and sustainability. Tying in the written aspect of the course with the studio work is important at SSoA, and it helps you learn to think critically in one design aspect whilst always considering other related factors. It helps you learn to develop relevant projects that could be positioned in the real world.” – 3rd year student