Studio culture

The architecture design studio is central to many courses at our School, and graduating students tell us that the studio culture is what they will miss the most about SSoA.

But what does ‘studio culture’ mean at SSoA, and what is the studio for?


1. A base for architecture within the University

The architecture studio offers a rich working environment. It is the space in which the design courses operate. To a large extent it represents the home of the School within the University.

y23bub“Sheffield University generally feels very grounded and down to earth, and that’s reflected in the studio environment.” – 2nd Year student

y23bub“Working in the studio helps you to build all those little unquantifiable skills that no one tells you about – it’s those skills that really help you grow as an architecture student.” – 3rd Year student

2. A Space for Work

Activity in studios is broadly design related. Space is usually shared between years and courses and this encourages cross-fertilisation of ideas. Tutorials, meetings and reviews often take place in the studio.

y23bub“I will miss the collective learning within the School; you learn a lot from your peers working in the studio.” – 3rd year student

yipbub“Be prepared to work hard and to give it your all, because the satisfaction and reward will come at the end when you achieve!” – ‘Year in Practice’ student

3. A place for exchanging knowledge and ideas

The studio offers space for collective learning, discussion, discourse and debate between peers, tutors and other year groups. Many students say that studio is a great place to find inspiration for their work.

marchbub“Inside of the School there’s such a wealth of knowledge which is readily available to everybody. You can easily and freely ask somebody for information that they have, and they will happily share it with you.” – MArch student

intugbub“Seeing what other people are doing has helped me to progress; the studio definitely helps with motivation!” – International Undergraduate student

4. A social space

As well as a place for work, the studio serves as the social hub, acting as the venue for events organised by SUAS (Sheffield University Architecture Society), such as guest lectures and ‘Lunchtime Specials’.

y23bub“There are such differences in culture and architectural knowlege between us… we learn so much from each other!” – 2nd Year student

marchbub“I didn’t know many people when I joined 5th year. SUAS was a great way to socialise and establish myself within the School.” – MArch student

5. A place for finding support and advice

Most students find studio a constructive, positive place to work and share ideas and skills. Many of the most useful moments in studio are those of informal help or encouragement.

y23bub“In the studio you’re surrounded by people who really understand what you’re going through, and you’ll always find someone to talk to if you need advice.” – 3rd Year student

y23bub“It’s a caring environment. The tutors care about your success, and are always open with their advice.” – 3rd Year student