What about life outside the course whilst I’m studying?

You will have other responsibilities in life besides your studies and it is important that you learn to manage the balance between them – some students find this a challenge.

Part time jobs, interests and other commitments, as well as families and relationships all demand some of your time and attention.

There may be difficulties you don’t expect – bereavement, relationship issues, financial problems. if things go wrong, don’t feel that you have to face them on your own – there is a lot of help available within the School and within the University.


Real life: away from studying

Bereavement, relationship issues, family problems, financial worries, are even more difficult to cope with when you are away from home. ask for help if things go wrong.

SSoAbub“Every student runs into problems at some time during a University course. Do not feel that you are alone if you are depressed, or if you find part of the work difficult, or if personal relationships are making you unhappy. Most people experience such problems during their time as a student and it is best to share them with someone.”  – SSoA


Managing the work/life balance

plan in advance for things your really want to do. no one is productive if they are exhausted – make sure you get rest when you need it. Time management workshops are run by student services.

y23bub“Organisation is so important – know when to work, and when not to work!” – 2nd Year student

matbub“It’s hard getting those phonecalls [from family etc] whilst you are working and having to deal with them…” – Mature student


Between study periods

Some students find work during holidays – to earn money or to gain experience. Many of our students do valuable volunteering work that also gives them excellent experience.

marchbub“The University has lots going on, and it was great being able to use the skills that I’d picked up during the course to help out with organising events for the Student’s Union societies.” – MArch student

yipbub“I won a bid with 3 friends to go to Romania to design and build a sensory playground for children with special educational needs.” – ‘Year in Practice’ student


Time out: hobbies and other interests

Don’t drop other interests – it’s healthy to have interests outside of study, and it widens your network of friends. It also lends you the distance to put your studies in perspective.

y23bub“You do learn to become more efficient with your time. In 2nd year I have learnt how to reflect and recognise that I deserve a break – a little one, at least!” – 2nd Year student

y23bub“Develop your own interests outside the course – they’ll feed into your studio work, so it’s really good to step away and take a break.” – 3rd Year student