How will I change, and what should I expect?

If you already possessed all the knowledge, skills and insight you might want, you wouldn’t need to come to university.

We are shaped by our experiences and we cannot predict how we will be changed by them. Most students find the experience of undertaking a course at SSoA is a much richer one than they had imagined.

It is useful to be prepared to have your ideas challanged and to be open to ways of looking at the world that you might not have considered before…..


1. Being self-reflective

We encourage you to be reflective about your own education. This helps you to gain a balanced perspective on your learning and development and helps you to plan your own learning agendas.

intugbub“It’s different from school – you learn to always question and reflect upon your work. That reflection really helps you maintain a critical approach to your work, which is so important as a designer.” – International Undergraduate student

intpgbub“Work at Sheffield is iterative – if you conclude that something doesn’t work, the process is useful because you learn…” – MAAD student


2. Establishing new networks

SSoA is a community of learning. The common interests people share make the School a natural place to create networks and friendships. we are known as a very friendly School.

marchbub“At Sheffield you are encouraged to develop your projects with others, and not to internalise them within the School itself. You can develop a project that is not just about knowledge for yourself, but that also generates knowledge that can be of benefit to others.” – MArch student

y23bub“I’ve met so many interesting people!” – 3rd Year student


3. Developing an appreciation of others

Meeting people of different cultures and backgrounds is one of the most rewarding things about university.

intpgbub“It’s valuable working with other people from different backgrounds… there’s a way of thinking that relates to where you’ve come from and it’s interesting to learn from each other’s methodologies.” – SAS student

matbub“We have different skills to younger students; our range of experiences can complement each other.” – Mature student


4. Developing confidence

Most people grow in confidence while at university and often that is only after some periods of uncertainty and self-doubt while they question who they are and what are their priorities.

y23bub“You gain confidence by looking at others work and learning what to try.” – 2nd Year student

y1bub“I am certain that I have changed already. Each step of my education has been a journey to a personal independent state. I have had to develop new skills and be self- sufficient.” – 1st Year student


5. Recognising wider opportunities

Many people find that their experience takes them in different directions to the one they had expected. Be prepared to be open about new avenues you discover.

y23bub“As my critical thinking has improved I see more opportunities…. I came to university and aimed to get as much as possible; I think it’s how I’ve grown.” – 2nd Year student

y1bub“We are offered a wide scope for our projects. We are not told what to do, but can explore what we are interested in.” – 1st Year student