Beyond SSoA: Now what?

A degree from SSoa offers you great opportunities, many of which you may not realise until some time after you graduate.

Our graduates go into architectural practice, fashion, business, university teaching, research, and many have set up their own practices. Whatever you do, we would like you to keep in touch with us. It is rewarding for us when you let us know what you are doing and that your time at SSoA has been valuable to you.


Going back home

We are very pleased that we regularly hear from overseas alumni that the skills and methods learned at Sheffield are recognised by employers when they return home. Many win very prestigeous jobs when they graduate.

intpgbub“The most important thing I’ve learnt is that architecture is more than buildings – it’s about social issues, community, climate and building lifespans. I’ve learnt its a bigger subject and I will consider these things when I rejoin practice in my own country.” – International Postgraduate student


Going to other countries

The reputation of The University of Sheffield and of SSoA, and the high standards that we maintain, has allowed many of our graduates to find work all over the globe.

yipbub“I got a Year in Practice job in Switzerland.” – ‘Year in Practice’ Student

alumnibub“I can’t believe it, but I have got a job as a lecturer at a new architecture department in my home country.” – International Postgraduate Alumna


Architectural practice

Our graduates join many of the most influential architectural practices in the Uk and abroad. The skills in critical thinking and independence of mind that you learn are sought-after.

marchbub“Whilst the undergraduate course prepared me for working collaboratively in practice, it also taught me to do that whilst maintaining my personal opinions and interests.” – MArch student


Other career paths

The transferrable skills learned in an architecture degree, encompassing design, technology, humanities, and our emphasis on community engagement, equips you to pursue many careers.

y23bub“I don’t feel pressure to become an architect, but I still feel I’m picking up a huge range of skills for my future career.” – 2nd Year student

y23bub“SSoA offers students the skills and training to not only to pursue a career as an Architect, but uses architecture as a tool to encourage and inspire a more analytical and reflective way of engaging with the world at a much broader level.” – 3rd Year student


Being part of the SSoA community

One of the most rewarding things for us is to find that our graduates are doing interesting things. Please keep in touch with us and join the alumni community on our Facebook site.

alumnibub“My Director in practice went to SSoA too, and we have been back together as guest reviewers.” – Alumna

alumnibub“I still keep in touch with my friends and my tutors – we shared so much together.” – Alumna